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Our idea of Kids Polo is to bring the children closer to the love of horses and to introduce them to the world of polo. It is important to us that the children learn how to handle the horses, make new friends and learn to play polo in a fun and family atmosphere.


The programme includes:

  • Brushing, preparing and how to take care of the horses 

  • Learning about horsemanship and how to communicate correctly with the horse in the three basic paces (walk, trot, canter) 

  • Learning the correct swing from the ground and from the wooden horse

  • Stick & Ball training 

  • Practicing the game strategy with instructional chukkers 

Horse-loving children from the age of 10 are welcome to take part. The Kids Polo starts every Wednesday (from May - October) at 2:00pm and lasts 1 hour and a half. Outside of these times additional private lessons can also be booked for children. 

Send a message if your child would like to take part or if you have any questions:

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